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Jaw Joint Problems

The jaw joint links the lower jaw and the head; it has a robust disc that prevents these two surfaces from wearing out, plus a complex network of muscles and ligaments to operate and support the link. Objective diagnostics tests inform your treatment plans for JVA patients

Science underpins the art of dentistry

Granta Diagnostics  Delivers, supports and integrates Bio-Research Associates'  innovative and advanced diagnostic tools for UK dentistry.

Provides a clinically applicable means of evaluation of health and dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), craniofacial muscles and the overall stomatognathic system.

Supports and supplies the BioJVA (joint vibration analysis) system which provides a unique capability to quickly, inexpensively and non-invasively evaluate TMJ injuries, internal derangements and degenerative conditions.


  • clinical diagnosis and screening to support routine dentistry and orthodontics
  • injury claims and investigation into head and neck trauma
  • audit and evaluation of treatment outcomes
  • research and clinical trials

See how it is used at Granta Dental; and learn about the advantages for dentists, academics and patients

Read Helen Harrison and John Radke on JVA.

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Key diagnostic tools

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We partnered BioRESEARCH after our sister dental practice Granta Dental worked closely with the company to implement their JVA tools for day-to day-effective use in clinical practice for ten years.


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Training and seminars from Granta Diagnostics support the use of key diagnostic tools with practical hands on courses, protocols and procedures for your practice - find out more


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